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WHAT we do:

The Valdez Group powered by Equis Financial has a two-part mission.  First, we help people across the country find life insurance and retirement solutions they need to protect their families and their futures.  We have partnered with Industry Leading Carriers to provide our Agents a portfolio of products that they can be proud to offer their clients.  Our Agents follow-up with families that have requested assistance and work with them to create a solution that best fits their needs and budget.   Second, The Valdez Group is building a World Class network of Agents that have a desire to own their own business.  We share a platform that will sky-rocket their business toward defined Financial Freedom.  Our passion is serving, both our clients and our teammates.

WHY we do what we do:

40% of Americans have no life insurance & more than 60% of Americans fear they will not be able to retire or that they will run out of money during their retirement. 

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